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 100th member (Read)

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PostSubject: 100th member (Read)   Mon Dec 24, 2007 5:19 pm

Dear members,
We have 100 members now! Thanks to guys for telling people and supporting us! we thank you guys so much that we are giving away some gift's!

1st member gets- A new Rank and a mapleglobal code that they can use in the cash shop to get a cash item!!@#$%^&*()_(*&^%$#@Q!@#$%^&*(

50th- Member gets- A new rank and a admin comment

100th- member gets- A new rank

Richie is are 1st member we have sent him the code for mapleglobal cashshop

mike2008 is are 50th member he has won the rank and a admin's comment

daan- is are 100th he won a rank!@#$%^&*

Thanks for supportting us we thank you guys so much.

and everyone on the forum gets to enter are give cash shop code
if want want more info on it please visit are new forum section Events!@#$%

MapleLegend Team
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100th member (Read)
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